Can you guarantee the removal of negative reviews?

While we cannot guarantee the removal of specific reviews, our review management system aims to minimize the impact of negative feedback. We focus on filtering and blocking such reviews to maintain a positive online reputation.

Do you offer real-time monitoring of reviews for my business?

Yes, our review management system includes real-time monitoring, allowing you to stay informed about new reviews and respond promptly to customer feedback.

Are the Google reviews you provide from authentic Australian accounts?

Yes, our service ensures that the Google reviews we facilitate come from genuine Australian accounts, providing credibility and relevance to your local audience.

How does your review filtering system work?

Our advanced review filtering system blocks reviews under 4 stars, minimizing the visibility of negative feedback and emphasizing positive customer experiences.

Do you assist with managing TrustPilot reviews?

Currently, our services primarily focus on Google reviews. If you have specific requirements, feel free to contact us, and we can explore tailored solutions

Can you help in adding Google Business listings without video validation?

Yes, we provide assistance in adding Google Business listings without the need for video validation, ensuring a smooth and efficient process.

What sets your review management services apart?

Our services specialize in comprehensive review management, from filtering and blocking negative reviews to providing genuine Google reviews from Australian accounts. We tailor our solutions to enhance your online reputation effectively.

How does billing work for your services?

We operate on a month-to-month payment basis, offering flexibility without lock-in contracts. Payments are processed monthly, and plans expire at the end of each billing cycle.

What happens if I miss a payment?

If a payment is missed, your review filtering system may temporarily cease to function until payment is received. We recommend ensuring timely payments to maintain uninterrupted service.

Can you remove any negative review?

While it is technically possible to remove ANY negative review there is a cost/value ration that needs to be factored in. We recommend getting a personalised quote before making your final decision.